Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in hardware,
software, and connectivity, Planet Logic has developed
an affordable cloud hosted solution which is easy
to integrate into your organization.

  Why Choose Planet Logic as Your Technology Partner?

Planet Logic can provide an end-to-end connectivity and hosting solution with strong uptime Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Planet Logic has more than seventeen years of experience hosting applications and servers and more than five years of experience with medical application hosting.

Planet Logic will work with clients to customize services to meet their needs and requirements.

Planet Logic will write and implement custom rules and procedures are based on the client’s organizational needs.

Planet Logic leverages its Service Provider agreements with Microsoft and other software vendors which allow our clients to have access to the latest software without any expensive start-up or incremental upgrade costs. This ensures that our clients’ software is maintained and up to date.

Planet Logic provides all needed hardware and automatic upgrades of all systems at 36 month intervals without any one time or incremental hardware upgrade fees.

Planet Logic proactively monitors all aspects of a client’s solution from database response times to WAN connectivity performance to disk space usage and Planet Logic’ Network Operations Center (NOC) staff will instantly respond to any alerts.

Planet Logic also provides a secure web portal to give clients access to all information available regarding performance, traffic utilization, alerts and trouble tickets.

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