Managed Services

  Monitoring and Managed Services

Planet Logic managed services and monitoring is much more than a software solution.
Planet Logic provides 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring by our support team for your business critical infrastructure.
Our engineers monitor your systems, providing immediate escalation to your team and guidance on issue resolution.

Monitoring Your Infrastructure 24/7

The Planet Logic monitoring service provides 24/7 monitoring of your business critical systems and infrastructure.
The service also provides continual feedback on your system resources to enable predictable scaling of infrastructure and trending of issues.

With the Planet Logic Monitoring service, you immediately have access to an expert support team and 24/7 live monitoring.
We take away the need to employ and train expensive resources and deal with turnover of night shift staff.
We reduce the need to have to hire technology consultants to problem solve by identifying the issues for you.

Immediate Access to Expert Support

Our experienced team of engineers monitor your system 24/7, 365 days a year.
The Planet Logic support team is experienced in networks, hardware, operating systems, and in many business critical applications.

When a potential critical issue is identified, our support team will immediately escalate to your nominated points of contact.
Notifications can be provided through email, text, or a live handoff call with our support team depending on the criticality of the issue.
Notifications can be sent to a single resource, multiple identified resources, or key operational teams.

Immediate Alert Notification

Letting you know that there is an issue, or a potential problem, is just the first step.
Using our support team’s experience, along with the Planet Logic knowledge base, we will also provide potential fixes to the issue identified.

Issue Resolution Support

The Planet Logic Monitoring service is not just reactive, we provide data to enable you to proactively scale your infrastructure.
We provide a monthly report detailing the current resource usage, such as CPU, storage, and memory on each of your devices, along with network utilization data.

Capacity Planning Data

We recognize that preventing issues is more valuable to your business than simply resolving them when they occur.
Our support team provides a monthly trending report for each device that is monitored on your network enabling identification of potential problems before they become impacting issues.
Reports can be set up to be automatically generated at whatever interval is appropriate for the infrastructure being monitored.

Issue Trending Reports

Planet Logic provides the ability to present all of the data aggregated through our monitoring solution in a single easy to read and easy to action dashboard.
Each monitor can be selected or deselected for the dashboard view depending on your requirements.

Security Audit Reporting

The Planet Logic Monitoring Solution includes Security Audit Reporting. Security audit reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly.
The security audit reports can be emailed directly to the appropriate resources within your organization.
The security audit report provides data on over a hundred key security components covering administrative vulnerabilities, internet information services,
a summary of security updates required, the current patch levels, and a summary of Windows and SQL Server security status.

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Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in hardware, software, and connectivity, Planet Logic has developed an affordable hosted solution which is easy to integrate into your practice.